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Since January 2009 Christians from across the Mersey region and beyond have been gathering together for dynamic, yet sensitive praise, worship and powerful prayer.   This gathering called the Big PUSH is for those who are hungry to see, experience and live in the midst of a fresh outpouring of God. The Bible tells us about the love and power of God that changes lives, sets the captives free, heals the sick and ushers us into His presence; and we long for more of that.  


The Mersey Region and our nation are desperate - poised in need of the reviving and transforming love of God. History tells us that this will only come through God's response to the humble cries of God's people who can't settle with what they have or what their community has - surely there has to be more.  Come and join the Big won’t regret the investment of your time.

Here are some recent words which were sent to us: 

Steve Botham, Birmingham.  8th May 2021

I work with the Gather Movement, looking and helping cities across the country.   One of the cities I love because of the investment that you put into prayer is Liverpool.  You've just built so deep, channels for God to move.   Of course you're seeing so much in these days, these are such important days for city and we pray a blessing on you.


I want to take you to two verses in two different parts of Matthew.  Matthew 16 Jesus says, “I will build my church and the gates of hades will not be able to stand against them and I will give you the keys of the Kingdom, so that you can see substantial change.” 


Then of course there's Matthew 28 what we call the Great Commission when Jesus says, “I have all authority and I'm sending you out, I'm sending you even to disciple nations.  The clue I think to understanding both these passages more deeply is to realise that Jesus didn't use the word church.  He was releasing and calling into being his Ecclesia - this group of people who would work together.  All of them involved.  All of them making decisions.  All of them shaping the life and the culture of their city, their neighbourhood and their workplace. Because the ecclesia has authority from God to see change.


I want to pray for the sending out into Liverpool the sending out of the Ecclesia into the workplace.  The sending out of the Ecclesia into the schools to bring hope where there seems to be so little hope for children and young people.   The rising up of your young people in Liverpool.  The sending out into the communities and the neighbourhoods of people who are going to bring compassion and mercy.  They are going to bring the forgiveness and change that comes from speaking the Gospel.  This is a sending out time. Jesus is saying “Go! Go into Liverpool!  It's ready! Go into Liverpool.  I want to bless it.  Go into Liverpool.  This is a great season of fruitfulness.  And I pray blessing on your city the blessing of fruitfulness in Jesus name, Amen.


Chris Larkin - (British Isles Council of Prophets) 8th May 2021

People of God in Liverpool – the anointing of the Lord is upon you. You are strong and courageous; you are full of passion and desire for the Lord.  This season is about crossing divides, moving out of the familiar and the comfortable into new connections and reconnections.  I see bridges across the city and bridges across the Mersey.   These are Holy Spirit built, in accordance with the Master Builder, Jesus Christ is building His church and Liverpool is called to build in a specific way, a unique way for you have a unique calling.  That calling is radical and influential.  It’s your time to be the catalyst and the prototype for church without boundaries. 


It’s time to build bridges and it’s time to walk across bridges built by others.  These bridges span different places, places of the heart, places of the mind and places of purpose.   These bridges are a way to activate the purposes of God for the city of Liverpool and for the regions around you.  The bridges are between people, people groups, communities and churches.  You are a generous people, you serve well.  The Lord is calling you to a new kind of generosity, a generosity of spirit where you walk across bridges to connect over ‘troubled waters’.  Where there has been heart disconnection, where there has been a lack of awareness there will come promptings of the Holy Spirit to reconnect, restore relationships, find out more about what others are doing in bringing the Kingdom to earth in Liverpool and the regions.


The verse I have for you is from the blessing of Moses to Asher in Deut 33. Promising that the might of the Lord will drive out the enemy of division and separation and usher in a spirit of unity.


Here is the blessing to you people of God.  Deuteronomy 33: 26-27  “The bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze, and your strength will equal your days.  "There is no one like the God of Jeshurun, who rides on the heavens to help you and on the clouds in his majesty.  The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. He will drive out your enemy before you, saying, `Destroy him!'”


Ted Hahs – (Missionary and social entrepreneur from Silicone Valley) 20th March 21

Such an honour -  I thank you for Liverpool this beautiful city and I bless it from California, from across the world. I pray will you pour out your blessings there and I thank you for the relationship between Silicon Valley  and Liverpool.  I sense that is going to grow and you are going to prosper it.  I thank you for what you are doing and for the tremendous move of your Spirit that is being there in Liverpool that is already touching the nations but is going to do so much more.


The whole world is going to hear about Liverpool once again and rejoice.  Father your name is going to be glorified and I send a blessing from Silicon Valley.  I also thank you as we receive a blessing from Liverpool and the move of your Spirit that you are birthing there and you are going to increase Amen.


Claire Harrison (British Isles Council of Prophets) 20th March 21

The Lord has said where Liverpool used to be a great port, where goods came in and out of the city, the city is going be known as a place of sending.  Where things used to come into the city and God is going to turn that all around and Liverpool is going to be a place that sends people of God all over the world.  Where it was known for slavery in the past, it will be known as a city of freedom.  Be encouraged as God has great plans for Liverpool!


I pray a blessing over the city, that you will release revival into the place.  I pray Lord that you would turn around the spirit of unbelief over that city.  Lord revive the great creativity that it has been known for throughout the generations.  I pray Lord that you would move and that Liverpool will be known as a place where the Spirit of God is alive, where people are coming in their thousands to know you.  I pray that you would revive the economy of that city, that you would release finances, jobs and wealth into that city.  Where there is poverty I speak a better word over the city, that physical riches, spiritual riches will flow into the city and the provision of God will flow into Liverpool. We look forward to the testimonies that we are going to hear of hearts turned back to you in that place.  Amen.


Louise Reid (British Isles Council of Prophets)

Blessing upon Liverpool from Ireland as there are so many people in Liverpool from Ireland.  I want to send a blessing really from Ireland right into the roots of many of the family scenarios in Liverpool and the structures of your society where the Irish have had an input.  With the weight of a blessing from Ireland that comes with all of the identity that God himself has put into this land and wanting to bless Liverpool.

Just to say two things that I saw when I was praying for Liverpool - I saw two mountains and one is actually easily removed and the other one was very stubborn.  I asked the Lord what these two were.  I just sensed him saying that one of those mountains was the spirit of poverty that still has a hold on Liverpool and the other one was the orphan spirit.  Of course they love to play off one another, those two major strongholds.   We are with you as you seek the peace and prosperity of the city.  


I pray in the name of Jesus and bind those spirits of the orphan spirit and that poverty spirit that are co-dependent with one another.  With the authority of the name of Jesus we bind them, we break shatter and destroy their influence.  We render their influence null and void. We believe as we pray believing in the power of the finished work of Jesus to accomplish this and loosing the power of the blood of Jesus over Liverpool even right now.  I pray that Lord you would give prosperity for poverty, that you would bring legitimacy and identity to the fatherless empty places.   We loose that over Liverpool; that Liverpool you would shine.  Liverpool you would be set on a hill.


As I'm praying I really feel there is something so unique that's been put in Liverpool.  Something of a wild prophetic nature but there's a wildness and there's a straightforwardness within the complexity of Liverpool.   I hear the spirit of the Lord saying, “Liverpool let your light so shine, let your light so shine that you would be seen and that people would actually praise God.”  They would be drawn to the light that's within you which is the identity of God.  


I just want to encourage you and to say what a fantastic job you're doing there in Liverpool. May the burden of the orphan spirit and the poverty spirit be replaced with the glory of God, the wealth of God and the identity of God in Jesus name.