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Word for Liverpool from Chuck Pierce 


22nd January 2014


Mantle presented to Toronto via Barbara Yoder and Chuck Pierce sent a mantle to Liverpool – A river mantle for the days ahead. 


It is being sent all the way to Liverpool and we are going to decree that the river of God for Liverpool will start flowing.  It will align I hear the Lord saying there is a divine alignment of my glory that is going on in this nation at this time which has never gone on before.  This night is the beginning of a divine alignment of my glory.


Father we send a new mantle to the Liverpool area. We say the mantle, the river of God will flow from Liverpool, it will move through Manchester, it cannot be stopped. It will begin to align with others rivers that are forming, the one in Dudley. It will cause London eventually to come alive. I say to you, you must go all the way to the south of this nation for I will create a strange thing. I will cause a river to flow north and I will be flowing from north to south, south to north. The alignment of God’s glory is beginning tonight here at Burton on Trent. This begins a new movement in this land.


Just let it release and some will say it is causing destruction but I will say I am re-building that which is of ancient times.  The Lord says I will bring your sons and your daughters back, back to the place of my plumb line back to the place I have bought in the land.

Liverpool Liver Building flying high
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