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CWM who are we?

We have a wonderful team of men & women
from all across the nation and a healthy accountability structure.
CWM Team
CWM Trustees
CWM Leadership Team
CWM Advisors

We are an official charity which means we have Trustees who have overall responsibility for CWM.  Our Trustees are:


Colin Grant (Chair)

Rosemary Burden (Treasurer)

Sue Sinclair (Director)

Steve Sinclair 

Ali Rimmer 

We have an amazing Leadership Team who are responsible for the day to day management of CWM:


Sue Sinclair

Rosemary Burden (Admin)

Ali Rimmer

Steve Brooke (Worship)

Pam Shaw

We are thrilled to have excellent Advisors who we regularly relate to:




Dave Connolly

Chris Larkin

Dave Latham

Mike Gowen

Jane Holloway

Brian Mills

John Sutton-Smith


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