SIMON BRAKER - 6th June 2011


Get ready there is a ground swell about to break loose.  As momentum and hunger work together, they are putting such a pull on heaven that God will restore to your land it’s lost redemptive gift to impact the world.


What was perverted in the past will now come forth in pure form and bring a shift in the Nations.

In short, it’s time to increase the press for this is your time of visitation.

STEVE HASKETT - 4th September 2016 


The Eagle is awaiting a landing place… 


Recently I was asking the Lord what He was doing with revival. Where was it? Where would it break out?

In response He showed me a huge eagle, mighty and powerful, gliding around on thermals in circles over the north west coast. These circles were big, stretching from Morecambe Bay in the north right down to Liverpool in the south.

The eagle is a symbol of God’s strength and power, but it is also a symbol of the angelic powers. Revelation 4:6 says that one of the four living creatures around the throne appears as an eagle. 

As I prayed about this I heard the Lord saying that a mighty angelic invasion is in the heavenlies right over our region. The thermals on which this eagle glides are the prayers of God’s people here in this region. We have been hungry here, and He has heard our prayers.

This region will birth and spring forth revival, but the eagle is looking and waiting for a place to land. It is wild, untamable, the king of the birds. When it lands it cannot be caged or controlled.

Will we be a people who will say yes? Will we be a people who will be hosts of heaven in our churches, no matter what that may look like or bring?

The Lord is looking and waiting for His people. He is looking for a cradle of revival that will spread to the north, east and south to fill every corner of this nation.

Will you say yes?


Liverpool waterfront.
View from Liverpool Maritime museum