Other events

Dates for 2020


1st                           2.15pm Openwell, Liverpool

8th                           11am to 1.30pm Glory Worship Church 

10th                         9am to 10.30am Champions Breakfast with Claire Morgans @ Kingsley and Co

14th                         9.30am to 1pm Big PUSH

29th                         10.30am Openwell, Southport

31st                         7pm City Church, Jubilee Drive, Liverpool



2nd                          9am to 10.30am Champions Breakfast with Rachel Cole @ Openwell Office

10th                         12 noon & 3.15pm Liverpool Passion Play

16th                         9.30am to 1pm Big PUSH

27th                         Leaders Prayer Meeting @ The Panoramic Restaurant



3rd                           10.30am Openwell, Southport

13th                         10am to 3pm Liverpool Catalyst Gathering @ Hope Centre, Aintree

16th                         9.30am to 1pm Big PUSH 

13th June                 9.30am to 1pm Big PUSH

5th July                    10.30am Openwell, Southport

11th July                  9.30am to 1pm Big PUSH

17th to 19th July       Refresh Summer Camp, Oaks Farm, Yorkshire 

15th Au                    9.30am to 1pm Big PUSH

11th to 13th Sept      CWM Advance @ Foxhill

19th Sept                 9.30am to 1pm Big PUSH

10th October            9.30am to 1pm Big PUSH

14th November         9.30am to 1pm Big PUSH

12th Dec                  9.30am to 1pm Big PUSH