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Liverpool waterfront
Liverpool waterfront
Liverpool waterfront
Liverpool waterfront
Liverpool waterfront

The Game Changer - 16th January 2016 - Philip Cartmail


The name of the Lord for this season is the Game Changer!  He is passionate about identity.  What overshadows you is what you will reflect. We need to fall in love afresh with the word of God and be people of the Word and the Spirit.


I saw the hand of the Lord raising up Great Britain.  "Watch as I restore the name of GREAT back to Great Britain".   The Lord is taking the hand of Liverpool and he is saying, “Watch as I breath on your youth they fall to their knees singing Hosanna.  Watch as I restore this island.  My covenant finger is pushing into Liverpool - moulding it and grafting it like a wedding ring.  I am going to turn you into the head and not the tail.  I am going to blow on Liverpool like a RIP TIDE as my Spirit moving.  He is going to move on the youth – watch 13 to 20 year olds.  Hosannah!  Beloved watch the youth as my grace comes upon them.


And I saw legions of angels and they were singing over Liverpool.  Liverpool is free, a holy Bride for my glory and I will blow on my Church and I will raise up the women.  You can contend for it.  Beloved the world will not reject you because it’s your turn to shine.  I will raise up the unlikely amongst you.  Angels sang of Liverpool…Liverpool FC, Liverpool FC, and Liverpool FC…Liverpool For Christ free in Christ as a holy Bride.


Spirit will breath across my Church, I’ve found a people weak enough to use, but not weak in sin, characters, integrity but weak in knowledge that they can’t do it without me.  Not by might, not by power but by My Spirit. 


Greater gifts and greater anointing.  The Lord says, “watch as I raise up the fairer sex and will use them in a governmental office.  I will raise up the unlikely, the people who the world would not give a 2nd look.  The Lord says watch as I raise you up.  No longer the but of the jokes but the head.  The nation will be envious of your success as I give you increased authority in your sphere of influence, family, media, arts, health, schools, government, business and employment.  


Watch as I raise up my Bride in your schools.  Watch as I release angels into your schools.  Watch as Education increases because of I am releasing a spirit of revelation.  I saw teachers, admin staff, cleaners and caretakers meeting early in the morning to worship Jesus.  This had an effect on the children who fell in love with Jesus Christ.  Grades increase as children grow in knowledge as in the days of Daniel.  There will be academic geniuses that will rise up.


This is a season where I will heal the broken branch of your family.  My breath is restoring the hearts of the Fathers.  No longer will you be the single Mum family and no longer will you be the part-time Dad.  As the spirit of Elijah blows across your families returning the hearts of the Father to the children and children to their Fathers.


Watch as covenant values like marriage become holy.  Watch as I smash the course of divorce.  Divorce will decline and the institute of marriage will become a sacred bond.  The children may be coming home from non-marital situations because they no longer want to live together without being married.  Marriages will be re-established and they will increase.


The Lord says, “Watch as I turn the eye of Europe, the eyes of business and industry to you, which will bring investment on a multi, multi million pound level, and becomes the booming industrial town like it used to be in the 60’s and 70’s.  I will break the curse of unemployment.  Watch as corporate business worth billions will be invested in this great city and apprentices for your youth; unemployment will decrease.


The Lord says watch as I raise up the arts, music and media.   Liverpool will be a trophy of grace for this nation.  The eyes of this nation will behold you and they will be jealous of you.  It will be my goodness that will lead many to repentance.


The Lord says, “Watch as I move in the NHS when I turn my Saints into angels with no fear of reproach.  Watch as faith explodes.  Watch as hospitals increase in wisdom and knowledge of the pharmaceutical companies who are developing drugs to combat illness.  Watch as I move upon the scientists and watch as you see the breakthroughs come in cancer, dementia and obesity.


Watch as the eyes of the nation will be upon you and the world looks as you see great breakthroughs.  The Lord says watch as I merge scientists who think it is all about a big bang with scientists of faith, to bring great revelation and wisdom.  New medical discoveries will come from your hospitals and universities.


The Lord says watch as I raise up my Bride.  The Church will come together and I will remove the proud and the arrogant from your councils, your Town Halls and your Courts of Law.   Watch as I bring funding and investment for low cost well built housing, investment in local health care, investment in your poor run down areas.  No longer will the elderly go without.


The Lord says watch as I oppose the proud and arrogant in the Councils and I will bring the holy righteousness of my Bride with the anointing like the days of Elijah and Joseph in Egypt.  The smallest in the kingdom will be the greatest as a new wine skin is filled with new wine.  We need to repent of anything that needs that offends the Lord.  We need to love our government and pray for the children and the youth.


Now be filled with the Spirit.  Stand up, believe, walk forward and receive.  To those whom the Lord has given much, much will be expected.  I am raising up revivalists – I am looking for the super heroes.  Do you want to be a life changer and a game changer?  Amen – Holy Spirit please help 

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