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Dr Sharon Stone

Dr Sharon Stone

Dr Sharon Stone has been a wonderful friend to the CWM Team for many years and has provided effective training and encouragement to us. 



I am going to add diversity of unity like never before.  Protect unity. Liverpool I have heard your cry of captivity. You are in a season like those in Egypt but testimonies that hope is springing will not be quickly put out. 


Gathering of nations.  Strength of tourist industry as people will come for a spiritual trip!  Come to taste.  Prepare in spiritual and natural. Times past favour was quenched and pushed down. Victory would be robbed and pulled back to mediocrity. Ability to celebrate individual victories. God releasing promotion and favour.

Favour as God is bringing others to connect in! Increase of favour and anointing.  We need to buy in at a new level! Esther 5:1 She wore her authority and favour!  We need to prepare a place to serve the King


Handle yourself with grace in the face of the enemy. Serve with grace even those who are our enemies.


This is a time of the “suddenly of God!”  Things suddenly shifting - timing, seasons, alignment, specialisation and acceleration because of prayers.   


When things are hard we all do what needs to be done.  In favour specialisations develop so whole new level to move forward.

  1. Revelation not optional / necessary. We need to teach people how to hear the voice of God.  Sheep hear the voice of God.  Prophetic does not have a real outlet in the UK.

  2. Training – mentoring.  Investing in lives. Activation.

  3. Evangelism- body coming into alignment. Equips/ trains.

  4. Prayer_ Strategic targeted prayer – watchmen. Generals to release strategy. Mapping – research/ revelation.

  5. Apostolic Prophetic Declarations- decrees.


Chronos – Season of time - Region not just Liverpool. God sets borders differently.  What is season of time for Merseyside and beyond?  Body of Christ coming into favour. 


Eth – Window of opportunity - Work in partnership where people truly are mediators for community, financially and governmentally (areas of influence)!  What gives us a right to speak into something we don’t sow into!!  Businesses launched. 


Kairos – Door of opportunity - 1940’s and 1950’s The Church began to push out people they thought were secular or dirty or not holy enough. Without meaning to it became elite. It pushed out the hurting individual those needing deliverance.  As a result, churches were limited and cursed for a season, not blessed. From the 40’s to the 50’s through to the late 70’s where they had built a filter which worked against them. Lots of empty churches some with only a few people across the street there would be another church that would have a part of the same family but that division and that elitism and that breaking off, had got so in the midst of the churches it had divided people all over the region.  In the late 70’s this is what it felt like in the Spirit.  God brought in what was new and almost bypassed what was already here. It’s as if God sowed new seed in the ground. It had the ability to fan the existing things that were in the area also. There was a phase and a season of growth, it was as if instead of message being holiness to the degree of separating anybody that had problems, instead the message was plain scriptures that begin to build people and begin to bring life. That waned, there was a few resurgences with a well here or a well there but not able to touch whole area.


A kairos moment here because of what happened previously the Lord is looking for a generation of the church that will stand up against that religious spirit.  If we don’t deal with it, it will happen again we will not be able to finish that which has begun we will run out of wine! Eg Jesus at wedding.


God has looked for a generation since that 40’s that will rise up and deal with the religious spirit that which was abdicated before. We are talking about a stronghold that will cause people to serve ritual rather than Jesus Christ. A stronghold that will cause people to enjoy the trappings of Christianity but deny the power thereof. Things that don’t have the empowerment of the Holy Ghost to birth others into the kingdom of God.  Things that restrict others to grow into a new dimension. Everything will be halted if we do not deal with this, we will not be able to finish what has begun.  Spirit of God looked for a generation who will not abdicate what they should have done in past. This stronghold causes us to serve trappings of Christianity. Things that restrict growth and stop people being empowered.  This stops people enjoying the presence and the power of God.  A religious spirit will not speak untruth at this time. A religious spirit will speak what God was saying versus what God is saying today.  This will stop and halt the advancement of what God is wanting to do. There has to be a people of God to rise up and do that!


Fullness of Time - Area of testimonies.  The woman at the well, her testimony was so broadcast that whole city came out to meet with Jesus. This region is supposed to be an area of that kind of testimonies.  In the Fullness of time God is going to make prostitutes to preachers, murderers to martyrs.  And the land that was desolate God is going to bring forth those that will marry the land.  No longer will it be desolate but beautiful.  People no longer curse the land but are married to the land.  This a goal this is where the Spirit of God is going, if you don’t know that, you don’t know how to walk the smaller steps that the Spirit of God has said.  Married to the land regardless of what happens that that commitment remains true. When Jesus was at the wedding at Canaan we see this process. They ran out of wine they didn’t make it all the way through. We need to press through this in between place because we aren’t yet seeing the regularity of miracles we want to see. We have not moved into that realm yet. We need to deal with things in the between place as almost a debt to the land.  Then we are going to see that it is a place of miracles that God has got here.


Liverpool F.C. – He will not let them move out of that stadium and He will not let adjustment be made. Right now they are keepers of the land and keepers of the stadium because of the mercy and grace of God that God has upon the churches.  I believe that their goal eventually will be to tear that down and build another one.  And the Spirit of God says I’m letting them move in another one they are having to preserve it they are having to update it because it is going to be a place that my Church is going to be released from. The Spirit of God says you are going to realise the timings are not economical, there not partnerships for the football thing but they have to do with God’s hands upon a gathering place of that type of magnitude.


The Spirit of God is working in that arena and He is promising that rivers of mercy are going to flow from here.  And it says that when Jesus stood before the multitude He had compassion on them and He healed every one. Testimonies are going to come from this area.  This is a healing area. We have almost a schizophrenic spiritual identity here because we are gatekeepers because geographically where we are located. But at the same time we have the healing aspect and one is nurturing and the other is opening and closing the door.


Closing the Doors - So that we can build what the Spirit of God wants rather than starting and having to start over, starting and starting over. The religious door needs to be shut in this area. Other doors need to be shut. A door of poverty needs to be shut.  Poverty says you do not have what you need.  When Elijah was at the brook Cherub, when the brook dried up he had to make a shift, he didn’t have a choice.  That’s where we are right now and the Spirit of God says, you go to Zaraphath and you find a widow there. He had direction of God and he had hope for provision and relationship and alignment.


We have to see that we are a gateway place!  Elijah had gone to the woman of Zaraphath and said give me some bread.  This is her answer “I have a little flour and I have a little oil and I am gathering some sticks.” Those are the ingredients for bread.  Poverty will always cause us to recognise what we do not have rather than recognising what we do have. We have to shut this door, we have all the ingredients.  We cannot afford to look at it in that we don’t have all the ingredients. Shut the door broken relationships we cannot let them entangle us.  Shut the door of regrets (it’s taken so long it’s been so hard).


Then we have to realise that there is an open door Rev 4:1 Behold I saw a door open in heaven. Open our eyes –we are not talking about beating the ceiling of heaven, we are talking about a door being opened an access been given, a portal set before us, an opportunity that we have not had.  We must shut the doors then God will open the right doors at this time we must work with His time. If we will work with His timings we will see access made.  Because we are a gateway city we are even going to know what it means for Him to be the gateway for us. Because we are even going to know what it means for Him to open the portal on our behalf. God is looking for those who will take these things and do something with them. We need to deal with our positioning. Execute the judgments written. In a time of shifting there is always the ability to step into that which is fresh and new.  Now is the time.


Need to deal personally with the religious spirit- We only have to look as far as our own lives. If we cannot deal with it in ourselves we cannot deal with it anywhere else. We are going to be able to deal with this religious spirit because we are going to be able to say “It has no part in me”. The nature of this area is to pit people against people so this is not what we are talking about. We are talking about powers, principalities, wickedness, rulers, hierarchies of demonic spirits that the Word of God talks about.  We are not making ourselves into something we are not; we are making ourselves into who we already are.  Jesus is the mighty man of war if He is operating in mercy we should be operating in mercy. If He is operating in war then we should be operating in war. If He is operating in healing then we should be operating in healing. Its partnership here it’s not the personality.


We have to deal with the religious spirit personally to be able to deal with territorially.


1. We need to confess our sins to one another and receive prayer to help shut the door and open the door of the opposite!

2. Woe is me – the religious thing comes in that old martyr attitude because it is just so hard in England and Europe!!

3. When we behave in a different way e.g. become more Christianese! Man pleaser

4. Ministry of condemnation is a religious Spirit– we never feel qualified to do the thing that God is asking us to do.

5. Wrong type of separation in the community where God actually pushed out hurting people-elitism.

6. Vows of poverty were made due to abuses of church in the past caused the pendulum to swing to far. God has not called us to have a heritage of poverty. We have got to be people who God trusts with finances. The world is not going to be won by our tithes.


Authority means we have the right of the King to operate in His decided boundaries.


God says what is it that you see?  How many knew Merseyside in its former glory and how do you see it now.  Do you see beauty for ashes do you see the garment of praise for mourning and grief and the Lord says to you, how long will you see Merseyside as the unwanted step child and see yourselves as insignificant?  It’s time to purchase eye salve for your self persecuting visions says the Lord.  For you are the salt and the light in the earth.  Arise and shine because my glory has come upon you.   It is you that is called to heal the sick, to raise the dead and to cast out devils.


What do you see Merseyside, is it a valley of dry bones?  Then prophesy - speak to the winds.  Call forth an army to arise out of the barren dust.  I’ll tell you what I see, that you might see through My eyes and the scales will fall from your own. You are the apple of My eye.  Never take these words lightly, and I love you but if I can’t get you to love yourself, there will be tears but they will not be the type of tears that wash your sight. 


I gave My Life in measurement of the value that I see you are to Me. The blood the price of redemption has already been paid and I have redeemed you from the fear of disappointment, but if you hope for nothing, you cannot be disappointed. The Spirit of God says I have come says the Lord that there might be hope, there might be faith, that there might be love says the Lord. And I am wanting to visit you tonight in a way that’s beyond what you can imagine.  But if you want to see My presence fill this place then your worship is going to have to fill this place.

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