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Sue Sinclair

Sue Sinclair's

Bio and Books 

Sue Sinclair books

Sue is married to Steve and they have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.  Sue is an Apostolic and Prophetic leader, who has pioneered many Church and community initiatives.  She has served in several Leadership roles for many years within the Church, Christian community and local Council Sefton MBC and more.


Sue is the Founder and Director of CommUNITY Watchmen Ministries (CWM) since 2002.  Based in Liverpool, CWM consists of Christians from across the nation and across the breadth of the Church.  Sue and the CWM team have ministered throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Africa.  God has led them on many adventures taking them into some very tough places as well as places of government.  They have had many opportunities to pray and prophecy to international government Ministers and business leaders.  Sue was also the Director of Liverpool Catalyst for 15 years, (a network of 170+ Christian led community projects) until she stepped down in 2021.  Until recently Sue was a member of the British Isles Council of Prophets.


Sue is frequently invited to speak at events where she loves to teach, empower and activate the Church for transformation and has a strong anointing to bring breakthrough in the Church and the community.  Sue is an author of three books Extravagant Fire, Extravagant Adventures and Extravagant Breakthroughs! Sue's books are available from Amazon books via the link below.


Sue is just an ordinary woman who loves to walk with an amazing and awesome God.

Extravagant Fire book by Sue Sinclair



This uses the illustration of controlled burning, sometimes also known as prescribed burning.  This fire not only burns up all the dead wood, rot and decay but also causes seeds of life to germinate that have lain dormant for years. This controlled fire brings abundant life and that is why it is EXTRAVAGANT FIRE …


Sue believed that when she began going to Church she had signed up for nothing less than was experienced by the Church in Acts 2.  Sue shares her journey through the EXTRAVAGANT FIRE to encountering the God of the miraculous. 


Sue is from Liverpool, a gateway place and she is very passionate about the region where she was born.  Sue shares some of the practical stories of transformation that have seen Liverpool arise from the ashes of the past.  


This includes how an amazing awesome God takes an ordinary broken dysfunctional woman and loves, cleanses and heals her before taking her into places of governmental power to bring dramatic shifts and changes. 


EXTRAVAGANT FIRE will bring you hope and raise your levels of expectation that God can and does use very ordinary people for extraordinary exploits.   It shares the story the God takes very ordinary people, transforms their lives and causes them to be agents of transformation.


It will encourage the reader with real stories of healing and reconciliation in both relationships and issues of the land with recent stories that demonstrate the glory of God.

Extravagant Adventures book by Sue Sinclair



This describes what happens when God takes ordinary people and uses them to do amazing things.  Life with Jesus can be an exhilarating adventure, when God speaks to you and you simply do what He tells you to do, anything can happen.


This book tells of the exploits of Sue and the Community Watchmen Ministries Team (CWM).  Coming from Liverpool, a gateway place, they have learned to follow the Lord as He has opened many doors into the nations and corridors of power.


Read the amazing stories of how simply receiving pieces of coal has led them on journeys to Northern Ireland, Belgium, the USA and many other nations.


EXTRAVAGANT ADVENTURES will raise your levels of faith and confidence in what God can do through very ordinary people.   You will read miraculous stories of God transforming cities and shifting nations.   Hopefully you too will be released to start on your own adventures with Jesus.

Extravagant Breakthroughs book by Sue Sinclair



This books charts the incredible journey of taking one step at a time, until we began to see breakthroughs that are on a mammoth city wide and national scale.  It records a journey of twenty years and the amazing lessons learned of standing between heaven and earth to heal broken history and release God's destiny. 

The book is called Extravagant Breakthroughs because it tells the stories of very ordinary people who have done what they can do, accompanied by an incredible extravagant God who brings the breakthroughs.  I encourage you to do all God calls you to do and then watch what He does! 


The Venerable Mike McGurk - Archdeacon of Liverpool said, "Sue is the real deal. She has an Ephesian 4 gift of a Prophet, not just an ability to prophecy, which she has used for many years here in the Liverpool City Region and also as the Spirit has led, in others Nations. Her desire is to speak the word of God, seeking God for breakthrough in the heavens and spiritual realms, as well as here on earth. She has experienced God’s favour, through her willingness to intercede and pray, gathering others around her, crying out on behalf of cites and nations. God has heard her cry and is healing the land and the city. This book highlights her obedience to God and her willingness to be used in ‘Extravagant Breakthroughs’. It’s a great read for ordinary people being used by an extraordinary God to bring about change and breakthrough. This book will help us all fulfil the call upon God’s church to “rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.” Happy reading."


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