Sue Sinclair
Prophetic Words

Abandon ship and board the ship of “Reconciliation and Healing”

1st December 2020


January 2020 God said, “I am closing the doors of the Church and many will not reopen. Many Leaders will step aside and there will be no shame in that as they are released into their destinies.” God has closed the doors of His Church to call us back to making the main thing the main thing!  However for those who don’t see that they are heading in the wrong direction, there will continue to a breaking and a shaking to awakening.  God is certainly calling His people back to Him.


1st December - I saw a brand-new ship with a sharp pointed bow rather like an arrowhead, beginning to powerfully cut through thick ice covered with crisp spotless white snow. Everywhere was super clean and very bright. Clearly nobody had ever been there before! It was not like the North Pole where there would already be communication systems and explorers tents. This is the territory of the Ancient of Days as in Daniel 7:9 “The Ancient of Days took His throne and His clothing was as white as snow.”


The Lord said, “You cannot wear your old mantles and attire. You need new boots and new clothing or you will contaminate this new place with seeds from the old territory. Your old clothing is impregnated with seeds of unrighteousness, rejection, doubt, deception, pride, seeds of intimidation and manipulation.  It has been like Isaiah 26:18 “We were full term. We pushed and strained, but we gave birth only to wind!  We accomplished nothing and have not brought deliverance into the world, nor its inhabitants new life.”


For this ship is not a cruise ship, a war ship or even a rescue vessel, but this is the ship of “Reconciliation and Healing” that is about to sail the nations. It does not have anyone’s name on it, like the recently launched Sir David Attenborough or the name of a denomination.  This has Jesus name all over it, for Jesus came to reconcile us all to His Father. It is fuelled by Holy Spirit that carries the Father’s love, grace and mercy to those who have not encountered it before. This ship will reach those who have long lost sight of the Church but have been searching to fill the void in their lives. 


You have not been able to reach them because your communication, language and your attire has been from the world and from the old season. Most people have not encountered Jesus but they have encountered the religious world both old and new. They have encountered the cruise ship, the war ship or the rescue vessels but they have struggled to encounter the vessel of “Reconciliation and Healing” where people are truly welcomed into the Father’s arms and find their way home.


For the old vessels are going down as they are not fit for purpose in this season of “Reconciliation and Healing”. I can hear the Lord saying, “Abandon ship! Abandon ship!” You need to be willing to strip off the old mantles and boots, to come to the Lord in naked vulnerability so He can wash you clean. Isaiah 1:18 “Though your sins are as scarlet you shall be as white as snow.”


I saw the Lord first washing and healing His people so they can be reconciled to Him. I saw Father God handing out scrolls to those He could trust, as they had come close and He knew they were holy people of integrity. The scrolls contained maps and directions for the ship of “Reconciliation and Healing” to navigate, with keys to release all the provision to complete the assignments the Ancient of Days was entrusting to His people in this new season.


I could see the waters were no longer cluttered or confusing, simplifying the choice and making it easy for people to encounter the Father’s love, to board the “Reconciliation and Healing”.

15th March 2020.  During a time of worship, I had a vision and I could see many people, in fact multitudes coming, one by one into the valley of decision.  Then I began to sing prophetically, “Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”  I knew we were poised on the verge of something very powerful.


Next the Lord showed me in a vision, he was violently taking hold of clay and slamming it on to the potter’s wheel.  He is reforming us, and He is reforming the Church. He is slamming it on to the potter’s wheel and handling it to remove the bubbles and the impurities. We say, “yes Lord”…but next comes the firing of the pot! If there are impurities in the pot as it goes into the fire it will crack and break.  Are we truly willing and prepared for what God is doing to make us fit to be the Bride for His Beloved Son?


Next I saw a vision of a carpet heaped over so much rubbish that had been getting swept under it for years. Individuals and Churches had been just lifting the edge and sweeping under their sin out of sight and out of mind to enable them to carry on as normal, some for years. I saw Satan standing victorious on the top of it all.  He was victorious because individuals and the corporate Church had unknowingly handed their authority over to Satan, because they chose unrighteousness over dealing with their sin. For that’s what it is when we sweep sin under the carpet and turn a blind eye until we become blind to the truth.  I saw the Lord giving us all a window of time and a window of love, grace and mercy to lift the rug and deal with the rubbish. In the vision as people began to repent and forgive and deal with their sin, I saw Satan simply standing on the carpet. Then I saw the Lord come and He said he was going to pull the rug from under Satan’s feet!  He bent down and violently pulled the rug from under Satan’s feet and once again restored the authority to His people and to His Bride!

January 2020 It is important to have clear focus in this season which may mean laying down some of the good things we are involved with.  The reality is we can be distracted away from making the main things God wants us to focus on the main things!  Laying some of these things down will allow us to have a much greater clarity of focus and vision on Godly priorities enabling us to see breakthrough come with greater accuracy, power and anointing from Holy Spirit.  There will then be a tipping of the scales allowing us to make faster progress because we have made some course corrections to align ourselves with God’s plans, creating an increased momentum. It's a case of getting to grips with the real purpose of God, not about how good it looks.  This is about personal and corporate, strategic and kingdom visions which carry momentum, acceleration and multiplication.  Shorter term goals will develop as things shift and change, plus clearer longer-term strategic visions.


2020 is about double portions, double anointing and increased favour which can be very beneficial, but we need to be careful as this can also bring double the damage if we don’t listen to God.   For this has been a season when many false prophets have arisen and will arise and even some of the elect may be deceived!  We need to really ask God to help us to DISCERN as character is essential in these days and not just charisma.


Jeremiah 29:11-13 If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”  Also, Jeremiah 33:3 God says, “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come”. We can only enter into this if we are listening to God and He can open up His secrets to us.  We need a fresh reverence for God, as greater the presence of God, greater the accountability required of us.


This will be a season of choosing between religious life with its frustrations or Kingdom life where we allow the King to determine our vision and direction.  This season and decade will see Churches closing down that have no life, in order to make way for those being led by the Spirit of God.  I saw many conferences stopping as so many are geared towards also providing incomes and salaries…many conference organisers sadly will take a hit financially.


The Word and the Spirit flowing together is calling us as Leaders to walk in holiness; are we willing to expose our sin to God’s love, grace, power and mercy, before God sends His judgement to us, as the Church will be judged first!  As we release the Word of God into the atmosphere and allow God’s Spirit to move, we will see God manifest in greater power.


We need to be determined to finish well and to see the harvest come in.  Who and what we align with in this season is critical, as our alignments have great consequences?  It is important to notice who God is disconnecting us from and not to try to reconnect something or to someone, that God is disconnecting.  We need to enlarge our capacity and conquer our fears. 

29th April 2019

Dream of humpback whales tossing about in Stanley Dock.  Crowds of people came from miles around to watch them.  As suddenly as all of the people had assembled the whales disappeared.  God said, "Liverpool will be a place of extraordinary signs, wonders and miracles... all we need to do is keep giving God the glory!"


One month to the day from the dream the Liverpool Culture Company had a show for 5 nights in one of the docks of humpback whale mother and calf tossing about in the water.  In the history of Liverpool there has never been anything like that happened.  On the final night of the show (the day after Liverpool FC won the European Cup) many thousands of people gathered across Liverpool to welcome the team home.  

Breaking the glass ceiling Jan 2018

@ 13.20mins you can listen to the recording of the prophetic word about the glass ceiling recorded at the last Big PUSH.

In Uganda, I spoke on over three evenings of the conference that Arnold had called “Prophecy, healing and breakthrough”.  From the first evening Arnold and I flowed together powerfully with the Holy Spirit.  I spoke of what had happened in Liverpool on 31st December 2017.


OpenWell Church had met and there was a left over prop from the school’s Christmas pantomime tucked just behind the curtain on the stage. The prop was the front half of a little red car with no steering wheel and the registration plate JLKI. My eyes were drawn to the little red car and the Lord said, “The registration JLKI stood for Jesus Loves Kingdom Initiatives. 2018 will mark a shift of the way many of us do Church and a return to the Gospel as the foundations with the restoration of signs, wonders and miracles.

8 hours before prior to 2018 there was a huge fire in the Liverpool Echo Arena car park. We heard a 16 year old Land Rover car had burst into flames and the fire had spread throughout the whole car park destroying 1600 vehicles.  The fire brigade took 8 minutes to get to the car park.   

The Lord said, “Cars speak to us prophetically about ministry. 1600 cars had been destroyed by fire,  a picture of God clearing many of our ministries from the old season to make way for "Jesus Love Kingdom Initiatives" that will be fire fuelled and manifesting miracles. 2018 will be marked with new beginnings and a restoration back to God’s way of gathering as the Church. 8 = new beginnings and it was 8 hours before the start of 2018, 8 minutes before the fire service arrived, a 16 year old Land Rover and 1600 cars which is a multiple of 8, 16 being double 8. 

I believe God is saying that He is about to move very powerfully in Liverpool and through Liverpool to the nation and nations, releasing New Beginnings compete with signs wonders and miracles.”  A little while later the Lord spoke again about those who had locked up their cars and walked away with their keys safely in their pockets.  However, when they returned their keys were utterly useless.  People whose cars were destroyed would hopefully soon have new cars with new keys.  God was saying, “This is a season when I am asking you to lock up the old things that are no longer fruitful in this season.  For I am about to release new keys with an upgrade for your ministries.”


In Uganda, I spoke of our friend Julie Wickenden from Kent and shared the story of how I had prophesied about the “Glass ceiling coming down over her life”.  Five minutes later the ceiling in her dining room at home came crashing down leaving a five-foot hole!  I shared that God was saying for many there in Uganda, the glass ceiling was about to come down; that God was about to release new keys of authority for the season of new beginnings, which had already begun.  Old things needed to be locked up so that God can release the new.


I presented Arnold with a new key (he had been asking the Lord for a new key!) and invited the Pastors and Leaders to come to the front.  One of the Pastors began to lead them in a powerful time of repentance, crying out to God full of sorrow about their disunity and pride.  When they finished we called on God to bring down the walls of division and disunity.  The Holy Spirit flooded the place!


Two days later Arnold and I spoke at a Leaders Breakfast.  As Arnold was speaking his phone began to ping as messages came in.  He apologised and checked his phone.  Arnold looked surprised, as he announced that his Church had just collapsed and it wasn’t long before a photo arrived showing that the roof had collapsed into the Church.  Huge wooden beams had simply broken in half and we were told that the walls had huge cracks in them too, rendering the Church building completely unusable! 

I spoke recapping what God had said prophetically throughout the conference a few days earlier.


1) God was calling us to lock up the old so that we can receive the new keys for this new season.

2) God wants to be at the steering wheel of our ministries.

3) Walls of disunity had been broken down so that the Bride of Christ can now emerge.

4) God is calling is extending our personal tent pegs.  For He is going to stretch us way beyond what we can naturally do. Be ready! Step up, step out and step into your anointing for God is about to take you to another level and expand your territory.  There will be significant breakthroughs!”

5) God is bringing ceilings down!

2014 - The Lord is saying He is going to come to people under the canopy and they will have encounters with the living God.  They will have dreams and visions...many will see Jesus face to face as He intervenes in their lives.  For they will not know that a canopy has been raised over their lives until my presence and my glory comes to fill it.  There will be strategic leaders who are going to encounter God - some will be politicians, some will be business and community leaders...others will be gang leaders who's lives are going to be redeemed powerfully.  But God does not want anyone's name or ministry taking the glory for He is a jealous God and He alone deserves the glory.


For I have already started says The Lord and there are those already who have been responding...but one person or one organisation cannot raise up the canopy.  They have stood alone and the enemy has come like a flood against them but they have not given up...they are looking again to stand and to raise up a part of this canopy that I am calling them to.  This canopy over Liverpool is called "His banner over Liverpool is LOVE".


Isaiah 54:2- 4 "Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.  For you will spread out to the right and to the left; your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities.  Do not be afraid; you will not suffer shame. Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated."


Saw The Lord, King Jesus walking around the room and as people's hands are raised in abandonment to Him He is placing His hands palm to palm with our hands.  His hands are pierced and He is touching our hands with the pierced palms that witness the resurrection power that overcame the grave, that paid the price for our freedom.  He is releasing victory and power to overcome, to break the power of sickness and disease, to bring deliverance, to bring restoration.  He is releasing freedom and life.  He is releasing a whole new level of owner that the Church has never encountered before.  It's not in the ones and twos but it is to anyone abandoned to Him.

December 2008 – Dream of huge grey walls which reminded me of the Liverpool dock walls.  They were old and of different sizes and shapes.  As I looked at the wall three bricks suddenly fell out from the centre of the wall.  Excitedly I thought I could go to get some tools to dislodge the remaining bricks.  However, before I had an opportunity to move, the wall suddenly collapsed and the Lord said “the walls are about to come down!”

December 2008 – Dream of closely approaching the top of a mountain – just a finger tip away.  I was not alone but could not see who was with me.  As we reached the summit it was incredibly beautiful and God said ”This is the place you have dreamt of, this is the place you have laid your life down for, this is the place of revival and transformation, this is the place of salvation, miracles and healing – but do not stay here.  People who have arrived here before have stopped and they have never got any further and I am calling you to go beyond.”  As I looked towards the horizon the thin cloud began to separate another and higher mountain came into view.  The Lord said “You do not have to go to the bottom of this mountain to climb the next one.”

December 2008 – Dream of school gym hall with several Christians in.  As people saw the Christians, hundreds then thousands of people began to run desperately to them and cried out “what must we do to be saved?”

Raising the Watchmen - 16 June 2005


The Anthony Gormley’s statues of men looking out across Liverpool Bay are a sign says the Lord, that I am releasing my angels to watch over this gateway place.  As they look out they are symbolic of the watchmen being raised to stand and watch over what comes in and what goes out of this gateway place.  Just as you have stood across the mouth of the river and made declarations of what can come through this gateway I have been enforcing that which you have declared says the Lord.


I am raising up my Church in the mouth of this river to stand and to look out.  Where the Church in the past has mostly been inward looking; this is a season where I am awakening the Church and calling her to stand and to look out.


Just as day by day the number of the statues are growing, I am going to raise up those who will stand with you.  For I am calling you to in the places of authority that I have prepared for you says the Lord.  I want you to know that I have prepared the ground for you.  You will be well rooted in the ground of My rock says the Lord.  You will not sink!  As the waves come, you will be washed with My life; it will not overwhelm you or drown you.  At times you will be in well over your head says the Lord but you will not drown!  For I am doing a new thing do you not perceive it?


The Church is going to reap what you sow.  You have sown much in the past and not seen the full yield of what you have sown.  As you come and take your place in prayer for the region, as you stand in the gateway you will experience the breakthrough of many waters.  As you begin to comprehend who you are and take hold of what I am calling you to, you will know a new level of authority and anointing.  As you learn to be who I have created you to be, you will yield more fruit than you have experienced.  For the fields around you are ripe unto harvest but you have not been in the right position to reap it and I am calling you to allow me to re-align you.  

2004 - Whilst praying for the Mersey Region I saw a huge tidal wave rise up in the mouth of the river Mersey where New Brighton crosses over from Waterloo.  The tidal wave began to sweep across the land on the Wirral and across Liverpool and then to sweep through the nation and nations.

8th April 2020


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