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Tracy Spiers and her kingfisher
Tracy and her beautiful Kingfisher sculpture created as part of a Kingfisher trail.

Tracy's latest book
"Facing the Future."
Tracy Spiers book Facing the Future

Tracy is part of the CWM Team and she is an illustrator and writer with a passion for telling stories in a playful, engaging and colourful way. Tracy says she is small with a big imagination.  She enjoys seeing the humour in the ordinary and helping children learn about complicated subjects be it fractions or history, using illustration and playfulness as a way in. Tracy has worked as a journalist for over three decades, but also has a first class BA Hons and MA (Dist) in Illustration. Married to Rog, with five daughters, she can often be spotted running along the Cotswold canal paths, drawing and drinking cappuccinos. Tracy is currently studying for a PhD in Art & Design, looking at the value of playfulness.

Facing the Future

A fun-packed illustrated 306-page hard back book full of quirky faces Tracy discovered on her daily walk and runs during Lockdown 3. Every day from Lent to so called 'Freedom Day,' a face popped up in the everyday, ordinary object, whether it was a pavement, pole, bark, gate or implement. Accompanied by inspiring text, this new book is punctuated with playfulness that will challenge you to look around with a new perspective.
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