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Finding FRESH Inspiration Every TIME

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Since January 2009 Christians from across the Mersey region and beyond have been gathering together for dynamic yet sensitive praise, worship, and powerful prayer.  This gathering called the Big PUSH is for those who are hungry to see, experience and live in the midst of a fresh outpouring of God. The Bible tells us about the love and power of God that changes lives, sets the captives free, heals the sick and ushers us into His presence and we long for more of that.  

We have lots of powerful testimonies of lives transformed as people encounter Jesus, and receive healing and breakthroughs. Check out our channel subscribe and share it with your friends.  Let's spread the good news!!! 

Donna said, "Just want to encourage you all by sharing what I felt the Lord showed me. I have been coming to the big push for almost a year, the Spirit of God is so tangible in the room that I just weep in His presence and He speaks to me very clearly. I felt the Lord say how you are carrying a mantle for an outpouring of His spirit. He reminded me of a time when Victory Outreach in Newport Wales experienced this, and He said it was going to happen here!! I believe there is also going to be something significant happen when you return to Liverpool. Your prayers are being answered , every time I come I feel completely loved , safe and held by Jesus. Your all amazing , thank you for your obedience."

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