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Alnwick castle

We prayed in Alnwick with Bob & Mary Bain and their team.

CWM celebrates 20 years of ministry

We celebrated 20 years of ministry

CWM don't just pray, we listen to God and we do what He tells us to do. This leads us on many adventures and gives us the opportunity to meet so many amazing people.  When we are in the right place, with the right people, doing the right thing, we see God bringing heaven to earth in so many dynamic ways.

Luke 6:49
Houses of Parliament & Big Ben

7/9/22 Sue prayed in Houses of Parliament

Our team at Westminster Abbey

Our team prayed in Westminster Abbey prior to the Coronation of King Charles.

Prayer @ Windsor Castle
Queen Elizabeth's funeral @ St George's Chapel

Some of our team travelled to St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle to pray following a prophetic word 3rd June 22

We were blown away by the timing of Queen Elizabeth passing and the way that God answered our prayers for the transition and the nation.

Liverpool Women's Hospital

We prayed for the Liverpool Women's Hospital for many months before the attack and know God protected all the staff, Mum and babies.

Cruising along the Leeds to Liverpool Canal
CWM Team travelling to Ipswich

We travelled to Ipswich to deliver Prophetic Training for the churches.

We sailed and prayed on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal 

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