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Our very experienced team have learnt first hand how to listen, and obey God when He speaks.  They have had many exciting adventures as they have followed where God has led them. From the gateway of Liverpool to the depths of Africa, from the gutters with the broken to the powerful and influential world leaders, from the Church to the CEO's of £multi million businesses - God has led them to deliver His word.  Lives are transformed and communities shifted when God's powerful word is released.  


There is no limit to what God can do when His people hear and obey! 

We encourage you to make the most of this simple and yet inspiring training.

We are passionate about equipping and encouraging the church, and we believe that there is no limit to what God can do when His people listen and obey. In line with this vision we offer simple yet inspiring training either in person or online. Feel free to get in touch to discuss what is best for your group.


Locally we can arrange a mid-week evening over 4-6 weeks or we can offer a weekend which could include Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday service if required.  We can also offer a selection from this teaching and training via Zoom if required.  Here is an idea of some of the subjects you can choose from to best suit your needs:

  1. Intimacy and hearing God

  2. What to do when God speaks

  3. Understanding your identity and authority

  4. Discipline in intercession

  5. Making declarations

  6. Created to create

  7. Understanding the times and seasons

  8. Community Transformation

  9. Praying on site with insight (prayer walking)

  10. Setting the scene – It’s a new era.

  11. Destined to be powerful.

  12. God loves to give us His kingdom.  

  13.  Ministry of reconciliation.

  14.  Deception, fake news and false prophecy.

  15.  Prophetic Strategies for breakthrough.


We do not charge but are happy to receive donations.  




Charles Finnie Church Leader Hawick, said, "Having heard something of the work of Community Watchman Ministries it was agreed that our church would host a Prayer and Prophecy Training.  This weekend event was a real blessing to us as a leadership team and, from feedback we have received, a blessing to those who attended from our congregation and elsewhere.

As a church we have been beginning to look at how we pray for our community and the teaching from this event has proved to be a valuable resource in equipping us to expand this.  They have a real gift of being able to present material in a simple way that allows everyone to be drawn in and understand that they can be part of it.  The message of “Ask God what He wants to do, and do it!” seems so simple yet is a very timely reminder when “Church” tends to complicate and over-think things!  It was really good to hear testimonies of what God has been doing, and these testimonies encourage us on in our own prayer journey.  

This has been a valuable stepping stone for us in our journey as a church and as individuals, and has blessed us incredibly. Sue and the team's gentle and genuine approach left us blessed, challenged and inspired and we now take what we have learned and begin to apply it in a practical way in our community.

My own comments would be that you bring a message which for some could be extremely complicated and you present it in a simple, straightforward manner, with huge heaven originated effects.  The fact that in my experience whenever you guys turn up something of God comes as well, suggests not only have you something of God's favour, but there is a consistent anointing on you for what God is continuing to do."

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