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Martin Scott


Martin Scott has been a good friend to us for many years and has brought some very relevant and powerful words for Liverpool.


13TH JULY 2001 

This time is a key moment which is why I want to provoke & encourage you to engage with the future of your City.  You can shake this City up & it is vital that you do for its own sake, for your sake and for the sake of your children.  But importantly because it is a GATEWAY CITY where does your breakthrough lead to?


The breakthrough here does not stop here.  When you open the gates you don’t say “because the gate’s open, let’s stay here,” you open the gates in order to get somewhere.  So there are breakthroughs here for elsewhere.


No geographies are the same - every geography is different.   We are in a moment like John the Baptist by the Jordan baptising and preparing the way.   That’s where you are and it is going to be hard work, it’s going to be hard graft.  Evan Roberts used to say ”let’s come & get into some hard work,” but what he meant by that was, we’re gonna pray!  


Not simply in favour of the Church but in favour of the harvest.  We need to get a fresh view of the harvest.  The harvest field does not tell us when it is ripe. It doesn’t come knocking on our door.  The harvest field is ripe when we lift up our eyes & we can see it.  Now I want you to see it differently tonight.  That harvest field is ripe, but today it is beginning to be reaped, not just by evangelists, not just by Church.  It’s being reaped by the occult, New Age.  It’s being reaped by foreign religions.  It’s being reaped by new philosophies.  Why?  Because it’s ripe.  We have got to lift our eyes & say it’s ripe.  There are workers going out into the harvest field, but not all the workers are believers.  That’s why we know it’s ripe.  It is beginning to be reaped.  It’s already in its early stages for harvest.  The last stage isn’t when it comes knocking at our door, but it doesn’t start with the field saying we know we’re ripe.  It starts with people with eyes saying we see it’s ripe. We have got to get ready.  We have got to pray harvest workers into it.  That’s where we are; it’s a pivotal moment.


We’ve been at the Northern Gate, we pray Lord for the Northern, the Eastern, the Southern Gates oh God, related to… these doors, the East & the South Lord are related to those gates that have been here tonight & spoken over.  We just pray for a blessing Lord.  Blessing upon these gates.  We bring the gatekeepers Lord who do not stand in arrogance, but stand together shoulder to shoulder in humility for the sake of their own gates.  We pray for those gates Lord, that they will open up.  They will open up Father for the King of Glory to come in.  Oh Father, we just thank you for the symbionic relationship oh God between the Gates of Liverpool, the GATEWAY CITY, Lord & those gates around & we just call for those gates of the external area, for the outlying regions as it where, to keep opening, to keep opening, to keep opening.  We just pray grace upon them to open wider than ever before, but not to get dislocated from Liverpool. 


We just pray a continual two-way flow, that there would be like a heart throbbing, in & out.  Like lungs pumping, expanding & contracting in & out Lord God.  From Liverpool out, from out to in.  We pray Father, to the South, to the World.  We pray oh God to the East.  We pray that to the North oh God, a continual throb one to the other, Lord.  A continual in & out expansion & contraction, until there is like a rhythm, Lord God even in, like a tug of war, oh God.  Be like a rhythm that begins to pull towards the other & a whole rhythm begins because Lord we want to begin to declare about this GATEWAY CITY of Liverpool, great GATEWAY City of Liverpool.  What I am going to say, it has to be weighed, but I just want to speak what I get in the spirit. 


As we’ve travelled now to, I don’t know how many cities but I’ve never been in a region where I’ve heard the coming together of different voices in harmony.  That’s the only way I can put it.  There is in Liverpool not just a connection, as it where, for the North, there is a connection for the South.  It’s like in Liverpool there is a connection for so many different places.  I’ve been in a lot of different places, I prophesy about them connected with Northern Europe.  In other places I prophesy they are connected with Southern Europe.  I want to prophesy that in Liverpool there is a GATEWAY here that connects to the North & that there is a Gateway that connects to the South.  The North in England & into the South in England.  The North in Ireland & into the Republic of Ireland.  The north of Europe & into the South of Europe. 


I am saying there are keys here because of the history.  There are keys here when this GATE begins to open; you will see a shift not only in Northern Ireland, but in the Republic.  This is what you are called for; this is why you are here.  You are a GATEWAY.  When the GATEWAY to the West opens, it will cause a release on the Isle of Man.  It will come to release in Northern Ireland.  It will come to release in the Republic.  It’s going to cause a release & a calling for connections to Norway.  For Sweden, for Scandinavia & it’s going to cause a great release to flow into the southern Nations of France, Italy & of Spain, & all the way around the Mediterranean. 


I declare Liverpool is a GATEWAY place, & just as at this moment there are claims that Liverpool is going to be a capital, a European Capital of Culture.  That is almost correct, it is almost correct, but it is not correct.  God says that Liverpool is to be one of the capitals for Europe, it is to be one of the headquarters for Europe.  There is to be an incredible flow out of Liverpool for Europe but it’s not simply to do with culture, it is to do with the different cultures coming together.  Every culture, the racial mix is staid, maintaining their own culture & yet there being a culture that has to come together that is unique. 


I’m saying that in Liverpool there are ingredients coming together that will produce something here that is unique, without ever diminishing those different unique distinct ingredients in & of themselves & yet there is going to be a coming together & what I want to say about Liverpool is this, at this moment in history as was mentioned here earlier tonight & here is the challenge.  That I believe that Liverpool is not only going to rise to the challenge but you are going to break through on this one.  That the race issue is going to be cracked in Liverpool & there is another one that is going to be cracked beyond that.  But I want to declare that at this moment there is a call going out in the UK for a city to breakthrough on the race issue.  A city to break right through & for you to do it there is yet to come a call for the Chinese brothers & sisters to come & join with you.  Join with you in this city.  I believe you got a twin into China & God says there must come as well a Chinese expression “among you” because you are going to break this thing of race & racial tension without ever one race trampling over the culture of another & yet in the mix there is going to become an incredible thing happening. 


I’m declaring that there are going to be pilot schemes that the government is going to set up with respect to Liverpool.  Liverpool is going to be spoken of in depth on television and articles are going to done in newspapers because something is going to take place here, that is a call upon you & it is the prelude, it is the prelude to the big one that God is going to undo because it is not the race one that is the big one, it is the class one that is becoming the big one & the rising up of the race one at this time is in order that the class one cannot be touched.  For there is coming a breakthrough in terms of class, the class division in the nation & God says I’m going to begin to put a marker down in Liverpool.  How I’ve begun to breakthrough on the class issue, so he says you must hold the ground over the race because what is then going to begin to break is a class issue. 


There is going to come an incredible release of finance into Liverpool & out of Liverpool.  Why, because this is a GATEWAY place - a place for the entrance to finance much glory.  Liverpool is going to become a place for international trade to be set up.  There will be consultations in this city over international trade.  Over trade agreements, how we put things right that have been wrong, are going to take place in this city.  International consultations & delegations will come here, even businesses will relocate here, who are focussed on international trade, because this city is going to open up to the Nations. 


So I declare a GATEWAY City & I declare over this city, a destiny of being a European Capital.  Why?  Because there will be many European Capitals.  What are the capitals?  They are the things that will shape up.  They are the places that will become the sources that will cause the flow to come & there will in days to come be many, many European Capitols & Liverpool I believe is being called to be a European Capitol, where cultures can co-habit & yet they can flow together & in their distinctiveness remain & yet in their togetherness something flows that could not have been there without it.


This is the season, just as you have begun to breakthrough in terms of children, God says now is the season for the Youth to be broken through on.  That it is the season for new initiatives to come & rise up in your city, probably already beginning to happen, but I know that this is the season for them to begin, initiatives among the youth that begin to go right across citywide until there is something so akin to a Youth movement coming right across this city. 


What I’m saying is, this is a key moment in your history.  This is the moment you have laboured for & you have worked hard for.  This is the season for which so many of you have moved to this city.  So many of you have found fresh hope at this time because this is a pivotal moment.  This is a moment pregnant in history when the Church can begin to shape up this city.  Restrictions can be placed upon the demonic powers & piece-by-piece, step-by-step in the places of power will come those who will serve the AGENDA of JESUS. 


What will be the signs?  The signs will always be, as in every other place, that the economics begin to get affected & that which was not given to you before, will begin to get released to you.  That where there were injustices, economics will begin to be put right because whenever in scripture they hit the powers in the heavens above, there is always an economic repercussion with respect to that.  So Lord, I just want to release those things Lord & ask by your Spirit that there be anything oh God that is of eternal value that resonates into Liverpool’s current scenario.  Lord, I pray it would go so deep , I pray Father that what is of your Spirit will go deep.  What is superfluous, oh God would just drop off, but Father irrespective of that we are coming to pray now for a fresh release of grace for all the Church in Liverpool.  


We bless leaders Lord God, particularly, Father those who would do things differently.  We bless & we say oh God, bless them, let double portions flow.


Martin Scott Report from Sowing Seeds Team 9th to 11th February 2004


Our second visit to this city proved to be a most encouraging time. We were last there in July 2001 and it is so encouraging that so much of what had been prophesied was clearly already in motion. In the UK there are places that seem to be in a time where things are being set back, so it is encouraging to go into a place such as Liverpool. Part of the reason is the sustained and consistent prayer that has been focused into the city in a most productive and harmonious way.


Economic miracle....

In a recent report Council leader Mike Storey hailed the turn around in Liverpool as an 'economic miracle'. He said that Liverpool 'is enjoying growth undreamed of just a few years ago, and compared with 20 years ago is it little short of miraculous.... it is an economic miracle but we must not take the foot of the accelerator.'


There is a marked turning around of the fortunes of the city. I believe economically it is one of the places in the UK where investment will bring about a return.


One of the high privileges for us was to work with a team of intercessors who have worked hard. With their feet on the ground they have tracked stuff as the Lord has led them. Their prayers have certainly shifted such issues as crime and drugs. The issue of drugs trafficking has been a major focus and even in the few days we were there there were yet more drug busts.


So to this visit:

I list below some of the elements that we were led to prophesy into....

A sign and the first in the nation - at a premiership level - will be the two football clubs (Liverpool FC and Everton FC) sharing the same ground, not because one is being refurbished, but as a sign of reconciliation in the city.


That the spirit of grief and destruction has been removed from the land as the people have wept and cried out to God.


That this is a season when Liverpool is being plugged into the nation, and that the nation needs Liverpool to be something for the nation. My appeal was that it did not fail us at this time - hence the need for the foot to be kept on the accelerator.


Liverpool as a Gateway city. This is as a gateway for the nation and also to have a gatekeeping role within Europe. As a European capital it is to be one of the places that influence the future of the continent. There will be international businesses moving there, and also in particular European consultations. There will also be ministries from the US that will relocate in Liverpool.


Liverpool and its relationship with Manchester is absolutely key. They need each other in partnership. Manchester has had a great move forward but will (like many of the Roman cities) find 2005 hard going with a lot of upheaval and old ways being challenged.

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