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Looking through the eyes of a child.

Updated: Feb 2

Child looking out of a window
Looking through the eyes of a child

It was February 1951 (when I was 5 yrs) we were staying at my Grandparent’s farm house.  My grandmother was unwell in bed.  I had been taken up to see her and was surprised to see that her long white hair was loose and covering her pillow rather than tied back in the usual bun.  She reached out and placed her hand on my head.  I really cannot remember if she said anything or not but I knew I needed to be still.  Granny remained in bed.

A day or two later my mother came downstairs I had not seen her upset before as she told me that Granny was going to heaven.

In those days few people had cars and many village people in this rural area relied upon taxis to get from A to B so it was common for people to arrive in taxis if they had come some distance.  I quickly went downstairs where I could see clearly out of the window.  My mission was to watch intently for the taxi of angels to arrive to take Granny to heaven. I sat still intently watching for what seemed a long time, the room was so quiet even the usual farm animal noises didn’t break the silence.

My mother came downstairs, still looking intently through the window I told her that I was waiting for the taxi with the angels in to come and take Granny to heaven. She understood, I was looking through the eyes of a child. “Ah don’t worry” said Mum “Jesus has been Himself and taken Granny straight up to heaven”.  Mission accomplished! All is well.  I could go out to play again.

Some people think going to heaven is automatic, others think it is really hard or impossible, and still others don’t believe in God or heaven and many haven’t given the matter much thought. I’ve thought all of these things at times.

It is the one big question in life that we shall all have to answer one way or another but the good news is that God sent His Son the Lord Jesus Christ to make a Way for us.  He came from heaven lived among us and went back into heaven and came back to tell us!  We have all tried to do our best but it all falls short of God’s holiness. Yet in loving us and wanting us to be with Him both now and later in His heaven He died on a cross taking our punishment for turning away from God and all our wrong thoughts and actions so that we could be forgiven once and for all.  When we turn to follow Jesus He sends us His Holy Spirit to live inside of us – how awesome is that, we receive His love, His joy, His peace and His eternal life.  It really is great news.  You can read all about it in the Holy Bible it’s amazing.  Jesus said He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, He who lives and believes in me will never die.

Grandpa makes everything safe
Grandpa loving his grandchildren

I was looking at a photo of two little toddlers, their Grandpa's large arms around them, they were so happy, so safe and full of excitement and bubbling over with life. (Yes, life is not without its troubles but with Grandpa there, all was well). That is such a picture of how Father God feels about us.  He wants to put His loving arms around us, protect us and keep us safe and help us to be strong.

I used to go with my grandpa to a cattle market, large bulls were being led along by their owners.  Even though I would have been terrified, when I walked hand in hand with Grandpa who was only about 5ft 4ins in height, I was as bold as a lion!

With God on our side, who can lose!

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