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Extravagant Fire, great leader Moses and the burning bush

The story of Moses is told throughout the book of Exodus. He was born in Egypt at a dangerous time as Pharaoh had ordered all the Hebrew baby boys to be destroyed. When he was just a few months old, His mother had arranged for him to be hidden in reed beds of the River Nile, in order to protect him from slaughter. However he was found by Pharaoh’s daughter and raised within Pharaoh’s palace. Years later, when Moses observed the brutality of the Egyptians towards his people, he attempted to bring freedom to them himself. He ended up killing an Egyptian and running for his life into the desert. Moses was born to lead but he had messed up big style!

This is where Moses encountered God
Burning bush

Moses could have grown up angry, believing that his real mother had abandoned him. Even his attempt to bring freedom was despised even by his own people. He had been living like a Prince in Egypt and now he was left looking after the sheep and the goats in the desert – what a mess! However God had not finished with Moses, and many years later God appeared to him in the midst of a burning bush. God will do whatever is necessary to catch our attention and here Moses was drawn to God by the fire. Although feeling totally incapable, Moses responded to God’s call to lead the Hebrew people into freedom.

Lord let our hearts burn for you
Burning heart

Moses chose to yield to the fire of God. As a result, instead of leading sheep and goats through the desert, he became one of the greatest leaders ever known. God used him to bring real freedom to a whole nation, through performing the most amazing miracles, from turning the River Nile into blood, to leading the Hebrews as they walked across the Red Sea on dry ground. Through this great leader Moses, God provided food and water for the multitudes but greater than that, he was used to turn a nation back to God and His plans for them.

Imagine what God can do if we yield to Him, despite how ordinary and inadequate we may feel. God's extravagant fire, a great leader Moses, and his experience at the burning bush is an inspiration to us all. We are the exact people God is looking for so that He will get all the glory. That is the extravagant fire of God and it changes everything it touches!!!!

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