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POT calling the KETTLE BLACK!

We are continuing to look at Elijah.  Let’s start at 1 Kings 18:1 “In the third year, the word of the Lord came to Elijah: “Go and present yourself to Ahab, and I will send rain on the land.”  So, Elijah went to present himself to Ahab.  Now that’s scary! This was no simple thing as you will recall that Ahab and Jezebel were Elijah’s enemies. GOD CALLS US TO FACE OUR ENEMIES AND FEARS TO SEE BREAKTHROUGHS COME!

Ahab was married to Jezebel who was an evil and manipulating woman.  She not only despised everyone who represented God, but also the word of God, including God’s prophetic word.  She hated it so much she ordered the massacre of all the prophets in the land in attempt to silence God.


Drought affected land
After three years of drought, the famine in Samaria was now severe

After three years of drought, the famine in Samaria was now severe.  Ahab summoned his palace administrator Obadiah, who was a devout believer in the Lord.  However, Obadiah had been busy hiding one hundred prophets away in two caves in order to preserve their lives.

Sadly, today, often those who dislike the prophets, (particularly powerful female prophets) find it very easy to label them as “Jezebel”.  This is done to try to disqualify them, shut them down and stop God’s prophetic word from being heard. 


Man sitting o his own
Intimidation isolates God's people

It is important for those of us who have experienced this abuse first hand to continue walking in humility and forgiveness.  Just like Jezebel and Ahab, people today will give an account to God one day for their attitudes and actions.  If this has happened to you, keep your heart sweet and allow God to continue to speak to you and through you.  At the right time, God will vindicate you, as He fulfils the prophetic words He gives to you.


For a little while Elijah was intimidated and lost sight of his assignment which was to present himself to Ahab.  He also lost sight of the rain they desperately needed that God had promised he would send.  Elijah did not know that Obadiah had hidden one hundred prophets away and he lost hope believing he was the only one left.   However, the good news is that even when things may look grim, God always has a plan! Just watch this principal …


  • Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt by his jealous brothers, but God positioned him to save the children of Israel.  In Genesis 50:20 Joseph says, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

  • Moses was born in Egypt when Pharaoh had commanded the midwives to kill every baby boy born.  Moses’ Mother managed to hide her little son for a little while.  Eventually when she could no longer protect him herself, she had to trust tiny Moses into God’s hands.   Moses was put into a basket and placed into the river Nile.  We have visited the river Nile, its full of dangerous animals! However, Moses was pulled out and saved by not just any Egyptian but by Pharaoh’s daughter!  Positioned to save God’s people from slavery many years later.

  • Esther was an orphan in the Persian Empire.  She and her cousin Mordecai were positioned with King Xerxes, and working together God used them to save Israel from utter destruction.

  • Nehemiah was positioned to serve the King, and as he did God used him to restore the broken walls surrounding Jerusalem.


Even though Elijah had temporarily lost sight of the promise of God, God had already perfectly positioned Obadiah right in the heart of Ahab’s Palace


Ahab and Jezebel’s behaviour brought not just a drought of rain but also a drought of the Word of God.


While Elijah was in Zarephath, many prophets had been massacred.  The 100 prophets who had been hidden away were unable to function effectively in their prophetic ministry.  This all left a huge vacuum of the Word of the Lord and in flooded the prophets of Baal and prophets of Asherah who the Bible tells us, sat to eat at Jezebel’s table! What a place of intimacy they gained with the government of the nation resulting in the people worshipping false gods and idols. 


Thankfully God’s prophets are created to handle God’s word, are empowered by Holy Spirit, and are directed by God to deliver His word at the right time.  Even today it is so important that both God’s people, the Church and our nations hear what God wants to say.  This enables us all to be where God wants us to be, doing what God wants us to do and enabling us to bear great fruit. 


Today – many of our communities are void of God’s word and as a result the vacuum has been filled by other religions.  It is time for the restoration of the God’s people and God’s word.  It’s time for us to understand who we are and the power of God’s word, we are blessed and favoured to carry.


God is looking to position His people to release the favour of God and to make room for His master plans for our communities and nations to be released and fulfilled.  He is a God of creativity after all!

Do you trust God?
God has a plan for your life

Did you know that you are an important part of God’s plan?  Are you positioned in the right place for God to use you?  Do not settle for plan B personally or for your community.


Let’s go back to 1 Kings 18:1 In the third year without rain, the word of the Lord came to Elijah to return to Ahab and He would send the rain.  Knowing most of the prophets had been slaughtered and Ahab was searching for Elijah - Elijah requested to see Ahab.   

Once again Elijah was led by the Spirit - if you are led by the Spirit and the word of God, you need not fear!  The Lord himself will help you.

I love this!!! 1 Kings 18:17 Ahab is brought by Obadiah to meet with Elijah and AHAB ACCUSES Elijah of being a troubler of Israel!  Talk about POT calling the KETTLE BLACK!

God was using Elijah to turn the nation back to Him.  Could we ever be accused of being a righteous troubler?

How often when we are accused do, we back down, even though we know it’s Ahab who is the troubler?  When deception is operating there is a twisting of the truth!  It is usually not that people are intentionally lying but deception appears as the truth to them.  They can’t see they are deceived!

We need to forgive our accusers and deal with any anger or bitterness in our hearts towards them…God knows the truth and we need to push through how others respond to us and simply obey the Lord.   If we allow false accusations to take us out, then not only do we miss out, but our families, communities and nations miss out on the breakthrough God wants to bring.

You are braver
Inspiring words from Christopher Robin

I love the inspirational words from Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh…

When God speaks to you

do what He tells you

and watch the fruit come.


Don't allow the enemy to intimidate and silence you. You are here on this planet because God loves you and has a unique plan only you can fulfil! The world around us is waiting for God's people to bring His word and power to break the drought!!


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